IISE Scholarships and Fellowships


  • Be active IISE members as reflected on or before the October 2019 chapter roster. New member applications or renewals must be completely processed prior to the end of September in order for students to be eligible.
  • Be enrolled full time in graduate or undergraduate industrial engineering programs during the 2020-2021 academic year.
  • Have an overall point-hour average of 3.40 on a scale of 0 – 4.00. Graduate students must have had a 3.40 average as undergraduates to qualify.
  • Must have a graduation date of June 2021 or later. (Students who will register for their last term in Winter 2021 are still eligible. Your graduation date is still June 2021 even if not taking courses Spring 2021.)


  • The nominee’s scholastic ability, character, leadership and potential service to the industrial engineering profession are all considered by the scholarship fund trustees when selecting the scholarship recipients.

Additional information about IISE scholarships and fellowships, individual descriptions of the awards, and past winners can be obtained at http://www.iise.org/Details.aspx?id=857

Students who are eligible and are interested in being nominated for one of the scholarships or fellowships from IISE should respond to hector.vergara@oregonstate.edu with a completed letter of interest by 5 pm on Friday, October 18.

We will follow up with eligible students after we determine which students will be nominated for which scholarships. Please note that you MUST be nominated by the IISE faculty advisor, so please DO NOT submit a nomination using IISE’s online form.

Letters of Interest Forms
Letter of Interest (Word)
Letter of Interest (PDF)
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