Election Process

IISE Officer Elections

IISE 2017 Election Details

Date: Thursday February 2nd, 2017
Time: 6 pm
Location: Rogers 230

2017-18 IISE Officer Requirements

  • All officer positions require a minimum one-year commitment*
  • Officer positions will officially begin on April 1st, 2017
  • Officer positions will end March 31st, 2017
  • Must attend Oregon State University (Corvallis campus) during Fall Term 2017 and Winter Term 2018
  • Must become an IISE National Member if elected

*TEC Elect position is a two-year commitment

Note: Students who are on MECOP internships during Spring Term 2017 are still eligible to become officers if they meet all of the above criteria

IISE Officer Elections Process

  • Officer elections occur annually each Winter Term on the OSU campus
  • Officers will be elected during an open meeting
  • Anyone running for a position must attend the meeting to be considered for election
  • Candidates can nominate themselves for a position, or be nominated by someone else
  • Each candidate for a position will give a ~2 minute speech
    • Introduce yourself (name, major, year in school)
    • What is your current involvement with IISE?
    • Why do you want to become an officer in IISE?
    • What qualities make you a good candidate for this position?
  • An open discussion and a vote will determine who is elected into each position
    • The candidate with the majority of the votes will be elected
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